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Explore the world of modeling: how to look like a professional male model

When talking about fashion, many people often think of beautiful female models, but in fact, men play an important role in the modeling world as well. Being successful in this career path is not easy. Every famous supermodel needs to be good-looking and most importantly, unique. Besides, many types of modeling require different attributes and characters. Let’s find out what common physical features male models should have as well as how to look stunning like them in the following article.

How many types of modeling are there?

As we mentioned above, there are numerous types of modeling, depending on the work details and the product they represent. Here are some major categories in the fashion industries:

  • Fashion model: You can see fashion models in the magazine, clothing catalogs, and runway shows. The objective of this type of modeling is to represent the designer brands’ products, for example, clothes, watches, or accessories.
  • Commercial model: As a commercial model, you advertise a product on almost every type of advertisement for example TV spots, billboards, magazines, newspapers, and much more.
  • Fitness model: Of course, you need to have a good body shape with massive muscles. In an advertising spot, you will need to show your upper body like strong arms, and sexy midsections.

What are the typical looks of male fashion and runway models?

As the name described, fashion or runway models represent the designer’s work on a catwalk or other advertisement channels. Their important job is to showcase the collection in the most attractive way while walking and posing in front of the audience.

Most of them should have unique characteristics, a fierce-looking face as well as a sense of fashion.

Furthermore, it is undeniable that height is the first requirement for male fashion models. Normally, they are between 5’11 – 6’3 in height (around 180 – 187 cm). Also, they should have an ideal muscular body shape.

Who are the top 3 male fashion models in 2021?

If you would like to be more clear about how professional fashion models look like, below is the list of the top 3 male fashion models of all time:

David Gandy

An English model, David Gandy is truly the definition of a perfect man. He is also considered one of the sexiest men because of his ideal muscular figure and handsome face.

He became extremely famous from a televised contest in 2001 and 5 years later he was chosen to be the face of Dolce & Gabbana. Today, you can see him frequently in many brand fashion shows and advertising spots.

Lucky Blue Smith

Despite his name, Lucky Blue Smith didn’t become a top supermodel because of luck.He has blond hair and seductive blue eyes, and many people fell in love with him because of those.

Smith is one of the most outstanding models in the fashion industry. He achieved great success in his career when he was very young. He worked for a global brand like Saint Laurent when he was only 12 years old. In 2021, he is now a 23-year-old handsome man with a height of 183 cm. Nowadays, he works with many international brands, for example, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford. Besides, he also has more than 3 million followers on his Instagram.

Sean O’Pry

Talking about the top-ranked male models in the world, a name that suddenly pops up in our mind is Sean O’Pry, one of the most handsome and highest-paid models in the United States. He doesn’t appear only in the runway shows or fashion magazines, but also in Madonna and Taylor Swift’s music videos.

What do agencies look for in male commercial models?

Since commercial models help promote the product on TV spots or billboards, they should have a natural look and personality that are accessible to the public. In general, they have a beautiful smile, good-looking, and a physical appearance that goes along with the brand image. There is no restriction in age, height, and shape for working as a commercial model.

For instance, for a shampoo advertisement spot, the desirable attributes agency looks for beautiful and shining hair, natural look, and young age. The key is that the models should be representative of the target and make people relate to them.

What is needed to be a male fitness model?

For male fitness or bodybuilding models, they usually represent a fitness center, exercise machine, and equipment, sportswear, as well as dietary supplements for exercise. Therefore, they must always be in shape and feature the bulk of muscles including a hot six-pack in order to showcase the beauty of the masculine body and strength.

Moreover, fitness male models should practice particular poses different from their fashion counterparts in order to represent the muscularity of their physique. The most popular poses include a front relaxed pose, side relaxed pose, side chest pose, etc.

A complete guide for men on how to look like a model!

Now, you know about the requirements for each type of modeling. If you dream of getting into the fashion industry and maybe just want to be stunning like them, you can start by following these steps below:

Gloom yourself

First, frequently trim and shape your beard because it does affect your image. Besides, it is important to do your haircut and keep your hair healthy.

Apply skincare

Flawless and shining skin is always a must for both male and female models. Therefore, do not forget to clean your skin properly and apply skincare including moisturizer every day.

Change your eating habits

Every model always looks after his physique. To have a lean body shape, you have to avoid fatty food and select well what you eat in a day to create muscles.

Exercise and build your body

Before starting your workout program, you have to know first what body shape you like; a regular muscular body or a bulky shape with massive muscles like a fitness model. After that, consult your personal trainer and create a workout plan that corresponds with your objective.

Be yourself!

Last but not least, you have to be yourself and embrace the way you are! Most importantly, you should not compare yourself with others or try to copy them. Every successful model has his own personality, which makes him unique and charming.

Getting a model look is not easy. It requires a lot of time, consistency, and effort. However, the key to success is finding who you really are and letting your light shine out!

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