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Collage Maker – Create beautiful photo collages online for free!

Memories are precious to everyone. Nowadays, with our advanced smartphone technology, we can take photos and record videos instantly to keep precious memories alive. But then, which program or app should you use to make a fun album out of all of these pictures? And are there any free applications for that? Let us introduce you to the best programs that will help you create aesthetic photo collages online for free!

Layout – Free Collage Maker

This free collage maker was created by Instagram. As we all know, Instagram is one of the biggest online galleries in the world, and Layout was created especially for it. For people who already have an Instagram account and want to beautify their photos without having to manually upload their pictures one by one, this free picture collage maker is the perfect solution! With how convenient and user-friendly Layout is, it definitely deserves to be mentioned here amongst the free photo collage maker apps on our list.

Canva Photo Collage Maker

Many professionals use Canva. It is a web application and app for designing anything you want, which is ideal for:

  • Digital marketers
  • Website developers
  • YouTubers (thumbnails)
  • Infographic designers

Also, it is simply one of the best tools for people who want to create professional designs quickly and flawlessly. While it is true that many of its features are locked behind a paywall, the free version of Canva collage maker is still great too. It is easy to use and has a lot of editing options, such as adding special effects and collaborating on your photo collage in real-time. With the latter, you can work on a project with your friends, family, and colleagues on any device, from anywhere in the world. Canva can also let you easily connect and post your resulting collage to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in one tap or one click.

BeFunky Collage Maker

If you are new to the way to make photo collages online or online photo editing stuff, then BeFunky collage maker will be a good match for you. With its simple and straightforward features, BeFunky can help you navigate through making image collages while still fine-tuning your collage skills with exciting templates and layouts. It also can act as a Facebook collage maker due to its unique import functionality that can help import your pictures from Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many others!

Pic Collage

For Android users, Pic Collage is one of the best collage maker online apps on the market, as it works great on both iOS and Android devices. Pic collage is an amateur-friendly picture collage maker and easy to use, which is ideal for users who are new to making digital collages online. It’s one of the few apps which guide its users with instructions and on-screen tutorials, so you will not have to worry about not knowing what to do next when you are trying to create a new collage. But, just because it’s not that complex, it doesn’t mean that it is a dull app! Pic Collage also offers custom backgrounds, templates, and stickers to your photo collages, making them more vibrant and unique. Therefore, it is a great collage app, for both beginners and more advanced users.

PicStitch Collage Maker App

If the application you are looking for is not exactly a photo collage maker but rather a video collage maker, then you’ll want PicStitch. Because, not only is it a collage maker that lets you add videos, but it also has a lot of various video editing options such as adding music to these videos, and trimming. Moreover, it can still do stuff that most other photo collage apps can do, as in adding borders, layouts, and templates. Besides, the app offers many other ways to decorate your collages with interesting stuff like stickers or text effects!

PicsArt Photo and Collage Maker

This app is one of the most popular photo montage makers, with more than 500 million users already using this free collage maker app, and a 4.7 out of 5 ratings on the official Apple Store which guarantees its quality. It is a versatile application with a lot of free templates, stickers, and other graphics options to create aesthetic collages for all your collage-making needs. And it also has a history feature that saves all your previous works so that you can restore them at any time. No more worrying about accidentally losing your work!

Kizoa Collage Maker

For PC users who need a collage maker PC app, Kizoa Collage Maker might be what you need. It is a desktop application that lets you use the basic photo collage app in its free version. And, although many of its great features are only available on a paid version, Kizoa also has a special unique feature that allows you to add animations to your collage. However, it’s not very user-friendly and might need a bit of practice before you become comfortable while working with it.

Kapwing’s Collage Tool

Do you want to combine pictures, videos, and animated pictures together in your collage? If so, then look no further, Kapwing’s Collage Tool has all of that in one app! With the advantage of having the tools to edit many types of media at once, which the other collage makers don’t have, Kapwing’s collage maker can help you to combine photos, videos, and GIFs of yours together while still letting you create collage online free to use and accessible on any device.

Shape Collage

If you are looking to create greeting cards, wallpapers, or visual advertisements, then Shape Collage is a great online collage tool. Furthermore, this app is a wallpaper collage maker and also a photo collage maker, with which you can make a birthday photo collage. This photo collage maker software has an automatic feature that instantly creates collages for the images you choose, and you can use this on your computer, both PC Windows and Mac!

With all of these free online collage makers, you can be sure that you will have plenty of choices to create the most wonderful collage that suits your needs. That way, you will be able to preserve these precious memories or moments for a long time.

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