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Everything you need to know about “Boudoir Photography”

Throughout the internet, you may have seen many sexy photos of women that reveal their beauty in a very artistic way. Yes… we are talking about the “boudoir photography” that has become increasingly trendy in these recent years. Therefore, here’s everything you need to know about a boudoir session: what it is, how to shoot boudoir photos, and why you should try a boudoir session at least once in your life!

What is boudoir photography?

“Boudoir” is actually a French word, referring to a woman’s private room where she dresses. Therefore, a boudoir is a portrait photoshoot where women pose sexy while wearing attractive lingerie, or no cloth at all. Nevertheless, you should not mistake the boudoir portrait for an erotic or sexual piece of art. In fact, it is more about sensuality rather than sexuality. This is the way that women reveal secret feelings and their beauty inside out through fine art photos.

Furthermore, gender is never an obstacle for art! Although boudoir shoot sounds like girl stuff, men can perform this kind of photography as well. In this case, we call it “dudeoir photography” which means a boudoir shoot for men.

What are the characteristics of boudoir photography?

Even though the boudoir features a feminine sexy image, it is different from normal sexy or lingerie photoshoots. The boudoir photography mainly focuses on the feeling and emotions the model would like to express. However, there are also many types of them, depending on the concept and the main message that we want to communicate.

Below are the top 5 popular styles of boudoir portraits:

Classic boudoir

First and foremost, classic boudoir is always the most popular style. In general, the photos are often taken in a bedroom with dim light, since it is a definition of a woman’s “private” space. The model usually wears lace lingerie (or nothing) while taking seductive poses.

Elegant boudoir

Elegant boudoir, also called glamour boudoir photos, looks similar to a fashion shoot that we find in magazines. However, the difference between fashion and elegant boudoir shoot is that the latter focuses on the person more than the clothes she wears. The portrait mainly represents the characteristics of the model as well as her expression and feeling.

Dramatic boudoir

As a model, you may need some acting skills in order to express your emotions through your eyes and body language. This type of photography can be shot everywhere, both indoor or outdoor, depending on the message you want to convey to your viewers.

Bridal boudoir

If you are looking for a “special” gift for your lover for a wedding day anniversary, boudoir photos are one of the best and sassy ideas one could have! You give him your sexy boudoir album as a present on the wedding night! Besides, you may join your groom to shoot couples boudoir portraits as well.

Moreover, a main difference from the previous dramatic theme, bridal boudoirs usually feature smiling and romantic feelings. Normally, the subject will wear classy white lingerie that looks similar to a bridal dress.

Maternity boudoir

Maternity or pregnancy boudoir has become progressively popular in recent years. Many women take boudoir photography to celebrate their miracle moment to become a mother. A pregnancy boudoir can represent the best maternal love in an artistic way and also the beauty of a pregnant woman’s body.

How do you dress for a boudoir photoshoot?

Regarding boudoir outfits, the must item is definitely sexy lace dresses or undergarments. In case you don’t prefer laced clothes, here are some alternatives for your next photo shoot:

  • First, we suggest wearing seductive satin nighties instead.
  • Jeans are a good idea as well. It not only makes your booty look bigger, but also makes you look longer.
  • A white oversized shirt can make you look trendy and seductive at the same time.
  • You can also wear a blazer or jacket to complete your look.
  • About the shoes, you will surely look sizzling hot with high-heels or sexy long boots!
  • If you would like to add some accessories, we recommend minimal dainty jewelry. Also, you can put on fishnet stockings with garter belts, and we assure you that your sexy photoshoot will be extremely hot.

How can you shoot boudoir portraits like a pro?

Techniques to take a boudoir photo are similar to a normal portrait.

Get some inspiration and set up the concept

Boudoir photography requires a lot of planning and good organization. First, you have to think about the main concept of this photoshoot, as well as the mood and tone of the photo you prefer. If you don’t have a good idea yet, we suggest you find inspiration from fashion magazines or numerous photography websites. Once you know the theme of photoshop, you have to write down the concept and use it as a guideline for the next step.

Choose the location

Although the bedroom is the most popular location for boudoir shoots, you still need to set up the ambiance and set up a place. Moreover, do not forget to think about the light as well. The light has a lot of impact on the photo’s mood and tone. We recommend a soft and diffused light, as it is always ideal for a boudoir portrait.

Think about the poses

Now it is time to design the poses and they should correspond with the concept, for example, classic or dramatic style. Whatever the style of the photo you pick, the posture must be natural and relaxed. Besides, you have to express your inner feelings through your beautiful eyes as well.

Take perfect shots!

Boudoir photography can be both a full-body and half-body portrait. During the session, the photographer and the subject must communicate and are related to each other in order to get perfect shots. Most importantly, the camera’s lens should focus on the face, especially the eyes, to capture the sentiment of the model.

Edit the photos to finish

Similar to other photoshoots, after the shooting session, retouching is an inevitable process if you want your boudoir photos to be beautifully flawless. This step includes removing blemishes and wrinkles, skin smoothing, photo lighting adjustment, and much more. If you hire a professional photographer, this part is usually included in the package.

As a final note, keep in mind that everyone with any body type can do boudoir photography because we are all beautiful in our own way. The key is to communicate your inner feelings through an amazing portrait, and it is also a fun time when you can be 100% yourself.

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